Pedicabs Are Just Perfect For Any Type Of Advertising.


A Pedicab marketing campaign offers a much longer exposure time for your ad, which gives your business an amazing opportunity to really sell potential customers. They are, in fact, much more effective than buses, taxis and billboards.

Take your products and services to the streets: where the crowds are. Place your ad onto one or more VIP Pedicabs. This unique form of advertising costs much less than newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. It can generate excitement about an upcoming product launch, movie or song release or just about anything you can imagine.

Many of our past clients are national brands you know and love, such as: HP, Orbitz, McDonalds, Sega, Showtime and ABC, to name just a few. Companies large and small are realizing the huge potential of pedicab advertising. It’s economical and extremely successful at promoting anything from an upcoming store opening to a new movie release. Many companies attending shows at popular convention centers utilize this fresh, innovative method of advertising to reach the world with their message.

Free Ride Campaign with

VIP Outdoor Media

For companies that want their advertising dollars to generate lasting relationships with their customers, we offer “Free-Ride Campaigns.” Free-ride campaigns are the ultimate experiential marketing platform. Why, because they get noticed. They develop customer gratitude translating into brand loyalty. During free ride campaigns, VIP’s drivers serve as brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors deliver your message verbally, through collateral materials, via social media, or even by distributing product samples. Complimentary pedicab rides, along with advertising, deliver your brand’s message in San Diego. Plus, they are the best way to say “Thank You” to your customers. Even those that don’t take a free ride will associate your brand with this gift.

Reasons to Advertise on Pedicabs

By utilizing Pedicab advertising, you can get double exposure by having your advertisement strategically placed on our Pedicab bikes, while having our professional drivers wear a T-shirt or hat emblazoned with your company’s logo.


Pedicab Advertising: Effective and Affordable.

You can reach thousands of potential customers while spending much less than you would with magazine ads, billboards or newsprints.

Get Potential Clients’ Attention.

Alert decision-making prospects to your products and services as soon as they get into the city. Before they even step into the convention center or hotel, they will already be aware of and eager to find your booth.

Offer Free Rides. Get Noticed.

You can offer pre-paid pedicab rides for free to your sales prospects as a fun treat. Convention visitors love these free rides, and your products and services get ultimate exposure.

Bring Attendees To Your Booth.

Get more traffic to your convention center exhibit booth. Placing Pedicab advertisements on the streets surrounding the Convention Center is a great way to let people know where to find your products before they even walk into the exhibit hall.

Brand Ambassadors

Our drivers can distribute flyers, coupons, business cards, brochures, samples or other marketing materials to your prospects and convention center attendees at various locations outside the venue.

Be Memorable.

With Pedicab advertising, you can deliver your message in a fun and memorable way. Our services are a great way to extend your reach beyond the booth. Use Pedicab advertising to stand out from the crowd!



If your company has an exhibition at a popular and professional Convention Center, or perhaps an upcoming trade-show, it’s important to attract as many visitors as possible. After all, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money putting together your trade show display. Your goal is success. For those who are sponsoring an event to be held at a Convention Center or a downtown hotel, the most important aspect is simply to get people in and interested in your exhibit.

Push and pull them in for a shared valuable and interesting time!

That’s Exactly What VIP Pedicab advertising does…

it gives you a chance to reach out to potential customers wherever they are. Convention goers may be shopping, dining out, or strolling along the waterfront and see your ads riding by on a VIP Pedicab.



Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about transportation around the city for your next corporate event. VIP Pedicab takes all the stress out of traveling about town, and replaces it with delight and surprise. You won’t have to give transportation for your team or clients a second thought. Enjoy a vibrant and multi-cultural city! Visit top tourist destinations without worrying about traffic. No more delays. Just fun. You can rent VIP Pedicabs for an entire day, for an evening, or for any desired time.

Forget the stress of finding a parking space, or the hassle of renting a car. Just relax and enjoy.



Our drivers can also distribute flyers, coupons, business cards, brochures, samples or other marketing materials to your prospects and convention attendees outside of the venue, around various key locations.

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Pedicab Advertising Options


Wheel Ads

Our Wheel Ads are very popular because they are unexpected, unusual and easy to notice. You can display your message, company logo or ad on a 21″ diameter wheel covering. These catchy ads are a fun way to give your products and services the attention they deserve.

Panel Ads

Panel ads give you a wider canvas to advertise upon. These sectionalized covers fit across the back side of the cab, giving you more than enough room to display colorful images that are sure to get noticed. Panel ads are highly visible to both motorists and pedestrians. These sensational rolling billboards offer maximum exposure for your brand. And the best part? They’re right at eye-level.

Field Marketing

Our young, enthusiastic team will distribute flyers, coupons, brochures or other marketing materials to your prospects in and around the convention center. Make sure everyone knows about your fantastic trade show exhibit. Draw in large crowds to your convention show table. Tell the world about your new TV show premiere.

Sponsored Free Rides

Tourists and locals alike enjoy sponsored free rides. Your message will be displayed in vibrant colors on our pedicabs, which will be available to convention attendees, to the public, or to any clientele that you wish. The hours can be customized to fit your needs.

3-Sided Ad-Bike

Our attention-grabbing, 3-sided digital media bike has three 37″ HDTV monitors attached at each side and the back. These screens can play videos and music. If your studio has a new TV show or movie coming out, or if you are releasing a new music video, this will alert and delight audiences.

VIP Pedicab Advertising Packages


At VIP Pedicab, we will present you with diverse advertising and group package options. We also offer custom packages, which you can create by mixing and matching to suit your company’s specific needs.
Simply convey your objectives, budget, and broader, long-term desired outcome, and we’ll attack any challenge to deliver a tailored, smart, and cost-effective advertising campaign.


Package 1

  • Front and back panel advertising, unique to VIP Pedicab and offering the highest amount of Pedicab advertising visibility available in-market.

  • Reach more prospective clients or customers.

    Specs: 29.5: width by 23″ height FRONT ad space, 40″ width by 36″ height BACK ad space.

  • Production of signs printed on high resolution Coroplast material.

  • Free Installation

  • VIP drivers will wear your company’s branded clothing (T-shirts, caps, jackets, buttons, socks, or whatever represents your brand’s personality!)

  • To ensure a proud, neat and clean presence, we highly recommend your company provides creative, integrated dress.

  • Each VIP Pedicab will be on the streets, reaching your target audience at least 10+ hours per day, leading to frequency and repetition.

  • There’s power in numbers. We’ll be happy to team up with other local Pedicab companies, providing a fleet of 250 or more Pedicabs that will communicate your brand throughout downtown San Diego. We will work together with a partner so your creative execution represents integrated quality and professionalism. This option offers you a credible and valid media choice for maximum exposure.

  • If you need production support, VIP Pedicab will work with your integrated brand positioning and creative platform to develop the pre-production for printing and placement.

Package 2

  • Package two includes all attributes of Package One – each item, plus:

  • Distribution of your company’s promotional items; brochures, business cards, coupons, flyers, and more. This also includes negotiation with local hotels to ensure maximum reach.

  • Sponsored free rides for convention-goers, the public, or any group or clientele that you designate.

  • Custom photography or video of your advertising campaign. The proof!

  • As in package #1, we will again be happy to team up with other local pedicab companies, providing a fleet of 250 pedicabs or more, promoting your company all over downtown San Diego.This option offers you an incredible opportunity for maximum exposure.

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