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GameOfThrones1 copyPedicabs are the fun new way to get around the San Diego area. They’re eco-friendly and enjoyable. But they’re also an excellent marketing tool that blends outdoor marketing with direct marketing to produce a highly effective means of exposing your products and services to a wide range of consumers.

Our VIP Pedicab drivers roam the streets near the San Diego Convention Center where people come all year round for shows, conferences and exhibitions. With the consistently sunny blue skies of San Diego, taking a pedicab has quickly become a relaxing and totally “green” method of transportation enjoyed by convention center visitors from all over the world.

Take Advantage of This Original Marketing Idea!

Custom PedicabsPeople love Pedicabs! They enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and your business can enjoy this all-new and truly effective method of advertising. We also offer breathtaking tours of the waterfront community near downtown San Diego. Tourists can experience the true flavor of this amazing city while enjoying a scenic ride along the waterfront area.

San Diego Bay is well known for its incredible restaurants, hotels, shops, marinas and parks. There’s always something entertaining to do in the area and tourists often spend all day partaking of the distinctive character and flavor of the waterfront area. This gives your business are markable opportunity to create brand awareness to visitors literally from all over the world.

A Fresh Idea That Works
IMG_1420Throughout the scenic waterfront, visitors will find something for every taste and budget. And while they’re exploring the San Diego area, your advertisement is being driven all over this popular area. Imagine you company’s brand name, message and logo being driven around the streets of the city…not at 50 mph like a city bus or other auto, but slowly so that everyone can easily read and understand your message.

Pedicab advertising has quickly become a favorite for big companies like HBO, HP, ABC, FOX and many others. From airlines and travel agents to sporting goods, there’s no product or service that would not benefit from Pedicab advertising.