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Visitors to Downtown San Diego

are delighted to discover so many wonderful things to see and do. The downtown area is laid out nicely and includes almost 50 hotels and quaint neighborhoods like Little Italy and the East Village. Shopping and dining opportunities are numerous in the waterfront community of Embarcadero. The historic Gaslamp Quarter gives you trendy nightclubs, chic boutiques and dozens of amazing restaurants.

There’s always something fun and exciting going on in San Diego!

Locals and visitors take advantage of the tropical sea breezes and the charming architecture. VIP Pedicabs has designed several great tours that give you the best of each world. You can enjoy the rich diversity of museums, cruise ships, shopping and entertainment in beautiful San Diego and VIP Pedicabs are the best way to see it all.

gaslamp marina tour

Gaslamp & Marina Districts

Enjoy the ultimate in a romantic evening with our Gaslamp & Marina tour. This offers you and a companion a lovely evening where you’ll enjoy the San Diego Waterfront. Arrange to have the music of your choice waiting, or choose from a large music selection to set just the right mood. You can request a single rose or a dozen to brighten your evening.

You and your companion will delight in all the amazing sights and sounds of picturesque San Diego Bay. Close your eyes and dream under the exquisite evening sky or choose a four-star restaurant, trendy night club, or other destination as part of your itinerary. This incredible outing is fully customizable and designed to give you and your companion an unforgettable evening.

The Gaslamp & Marina Districts tour includes visits to:

  • Gaslamp Quarter

  • Petco Park

  • Convention Center

  • Embarcadero North

  • USS Midway

  • Maritime Museum

Length approx. 1 hour; Call (833) 428-0639 for pricing


The Downtown Experience

Enjoy the unique character and charm of San Diego’s diverse downtown neighborhoods. You can learn about the city’s fascinating history or simply relax and enjoy this waterfront paradise. Our “Downtown Experience” is a leisurely hour long ride through many of the city’s most prominent areas, including:

  • Gaslamp Quarter

  • Petco Park

  • Horton Plaza

  • Convention Center

  • Embarcadero North

  • Seaport Village

  • USS Midway

  • Cruise Ship Terminal

  • Maritime Museum

Length approx. 1 hour; Please call (833) 428-0639 for pricing.


Romantic Evening Stroll

Enjoy a charming evening stroll with someone you care about. This leisurely Pedicab ride takes you on a star-filled journey through any areas you select. Enjoy your favorite music as you relax under a warm blanket with a loved one. Take in the amazing sights and sounds of many of San Diego’s best loved places.

You can order a dozen roses to transform the evening into a romantic night of love and many couples have gotten engaged during our Romantic Evening Stroll. You can choose from many destinations including the Gaslamp Quarter and Waterfront. Take advantage of a memorable and tranquil night out with a loved one.


Create Your Own Scenic Outing

This fully customizable tour allows you to choose your own destinations. We know that you are a very unique individual and we want to give you the opportunity to create your own tour. Visit the Gaslamp Quarter or Little Italy. Ride along the vibrant San Diego Bay Waterfront area. If you’re into shopping, visit many of the quaint boutiques and meander among the lovely shops to find bargains galore. San Diego offers dozens of restaurants, bars and museums, all for your enjoyment.

Whatever tour you choose, VIP Pedicabs gets you there safely and you’ll enjoy the ride. Forget about trying to find parking and walking long distances to and from your destination. Take a pedicab instead!

 You Choose!

Whichever tour you choose, VIP Pedicabs will ensure your safe journey, with one of our trustworthy, pleasant and informative guides. You will enjoy the ride! Forget about trying to find parking, or walking long distances to and from your destination.

Take a VIP Pedicab instead!

special events pedicab tour and booking

If you’re planning a special event,

why not hire VIP Pedicabs to provide the transportation? We can pick up attendees at any location and deliver them to the destination of your choosing. This is the safe, environmentally friendly way to get around town and we can provide an amazing advertising campaign for your event at the same time.



  • Pedicabs are a certainly a fun and exciting way to carry the bride and groom, or even the entire wedding party, to the reception in a royal manner—a unique, American manner! If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding where the weather will be pleasantly warm, sunny, and comfortable, a fleet of VIP Pedicabs would be a new and unexpected way to handle your wedding transportation!
  • VIP Pedicabs seat up to three people. Roomy and comfortable!
  • Attach signs, streamers, balloons, or any number of eye-catching decorations to your “horseless wedding carriage.” Dress it up, make it fun, elegant, or rustically adorable to match the theme of your special day.

You can use VIP Pedicabs in any number of ways to plan your special day!

  • Transport the bride, the entire wedding party, and guests to the wedding, reception, or off toward the couple’s honeymoon!
  • Transport guests from the hotel, to the church or service, to the reception, to parking, or any other accommodation.
  • Pedicabs also provide their “eco-green” transportation for the elderly, those with mobility issues, children, or anyone who may not want to walk or drive long distances across busy streets.

See all the top tourist destinations in San Diego.

shuttle tours special book

If you need a shuttle

group tour, or just a party on wheels, VIP Pedicab’s services are fully customizable and unforgettable additions to any occasion. Whether you need to provide transportation for your entire guest list or just yourself and a few close friends, VIP Pedicabs can maneuver busy city streets and provide a feel-good, lighthearted vibe throughout your event. If you’re really an out-of-the-box thinker, a Pedicab group tour can become its own event! We’d love to hear your ideas, so tell us about your dream event in the contact form, and we’ll be in touch shortly to make it happen.

Corporate events

Whether you’re after VIP Pedicab’s services for a trade show, a conference, a marketing campaign or a team-building exercise, our options are adaptable and easy to mix and match. VIP can custom wrap our Pedicabs with your own personal brand or message.


Planning your dream wedding? We can shuttle guests to the reception from the ceremony, or take your Bachelor or Bachelorette party to the next level. Any way you choose, it’s sure to put an exceptional twist on any special day. VIP can custom wrap our Pedicabs with your own personal brand or message.

Special Events or a Night Out

Need the perfect girls’ or guys’ night to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or graduation? We’ve got it covered. Remember, we celebrate uniqueness. VIP can custom wrap our Pedicabs with your own personal brand or message or attach streamers, balloons, or any number of decorations to your personal Pedicab.

Don’t need a special occasion as an excuse to have a good time? If your group is just looking for a fun night out, we can show you the best way to do it. Book our group tours to see the city’s hottest attractions, without the worry of parking or walking long distances.

Movie and Film

Need help with a film shoot? Pedicabs make great camera dollies and clean up for any shoot. Give us a call to learn more about our special rates for the film industry. We also have our VIP electric shuttles cars available!

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