Pedicab Services for Weddings

Pedicabs are a highly unique and fun way to transport the bride and groom or the whole wedding party. With the San Diego weather always so warm and beautiful, this is the perfect mode of transportation for your wedding party.

Our pedicabs will seat up to three people and are very roomy and comfortable. You can attach signs, streamers, balloons or any number of eye-catching decorations to your “horseless wedding carriage”. Dress it up and make it fun, elegant or adorable.

VIP Pedicabs can be used in any number of ways and you can choose from so many options:

  •  Transport the bride & groom, the entire wedding party, and/or guests from the wedding to the reception.
  •   Transport the bride & groom from the reception to their accommodations.
  •   Transport guests from the reception to parking or accommodations.
  •   Transport the bride or the wedding party to the wedding ceremony.

Pedicabs not only provide comfortable “green” transportation for the bride and groom and/or wedding party, but they also work well for elderly grandparents, children, and disabled guests who are unable to traverse long walks or difficult terrain.

Check out our Testimonials!

“Thank you for providing us with the pedicabs for our wedding.  The pedicabs and drivers exceeded our expectations.  They were such a big hit, both for transporting our guests, and for providing us with a unique exit from our ceremony.  The pedicabs were one of our very favorite parts of our wedding day.  Thank you!”  ~Julie & Erik

“Thank you so much for providing pedicabs on my wedding day (07/07/07) in La Jolla. It added a special touch and will be remembered. Thanks for such excellent service.”-G. Dallas

Thank you so much for shuttling us around at my wedding! What an awesome time! And the music was great too. It really got the night started out right.”-Michael Reel