VIP Pedicabs was an excellent choice for transporting our attendees from the Hilton Bayfront to the Midway. I contacted them several months in advance and got a contract in place with a specific arrival and departure time. The drivers were all courteous and friendly and our members had only good comments and positive feedback about their experience on a pedicab, many the first time. While the pedicabs in San Diego often get bad reviews because they are dis-respectful. VIP Pedicabs are not like this. They are a different group of individuals who truly make the experience great. The director, Ali Horuz was onsite to make sure that the pedicabs arrived on time and that the individuals got aboard for a return ride back to the hotel. He was in contact with me as the planner throughout. I highly recommend this company.
Venise Lewis
VP of Education and Learning at National PACE Association

Ali and VIP Pedicabs are the absolutely authority and industry leaders in pedicab transportation and branding. The operation is well-run, legitimized, streamlined, and working with Ali is always a pleasure. We have executed several projects together for some very big name brands, and each time he and his team has stepped up to the task and exceeded expectations. Highly recommend reaching to strategize your next pedicab concept with him.
Zac Zabner
Founder & President at InCharge Entertainment Marketing

ForTec Medical Used VIP Pedicabs at the American Academy of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons meeting in April 2015. With over 7,000 surgeons and practice staff attending the meeting, we wanted to find a creative method to drive awareness outside of the norm such as billboard or at-show advertising.
Our company has a new service in the ophthalmic market with a new laser technology. Broad awareness was our goal, in conjunction with some classic Marcomm activities. Traditional at-show promotions did not seem to fit the bill as a banner or similar would be lost in a sea of other banners.
Contracting with VIP Pedicabs was simple and surprisingly inexpensive. We contracted 20 pedicabs fitted with high quality graphics running for 2 days around the convention center and social areas of San Diego.
For a fraction of the cost of a major billboard, we got tremendous exposure to our audience in a fun (and useful) way. Our message was clearly noticed by a large number of people from comments and conversations we had.
The return on investment was outstanding and I would recommend adding this fun and effective marketing tactic to a marketing plan to really engage the target audience and drive the message.
Tim Warrell
Marketing Manager at ForTec Medical, Inc.

Ali was a referral which is great, but I didn’t expect the service or the dedication to his craft. I truly felt as if I hired an extra marketing team. He did a great job for us and everyday he showed something extra that was completely unexpected.

I have come to discover that his passion for detail, his caring leadership with his team and his personal knowledge made for an excellent experience.
Joe Dahleen
President at Taxdoor – Mobile Customer Experience Executive

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoyed our experience with VIP Pedicabs. You and your team went above and beyond to ensure our Taxdoor brand was well received. In fact, we received many positive comments about the Pedicabs! Thank you Ali for being a shining example of amazing customer service – and for greatly exceeding our expectations.
I wish you ever increasing success!!
William DiPaolo
Cogent Road, Inc.

I’ve worked with Ali Horuz on a number of occasions and always found him to be reliable and straightforward. He always has done what he has said he is going to do. In addition, he is an interesting person with many ideass and I would like to continue working with him in the future.
Steve Meyer
President at Main Street Pedicabs, Inc. and Owner, Main Street Pedicabs, Inc.

Ali has a strong work ethic and a sense of creativity, as proven by the growth of his company. He has an eye for opportunity and innovation, and has demonstrated the ability to enlist partners in new programs to get things done. Look to Ali when you need to create impressions in your marketplace.
Kevin Popović
Communications Director, Author, Speaker, Teacher

“PCMA is an important conference for us and we wanted to extend our brand beyond the San Diego Convention Center walls,” said Cece Salomon-Lee, director of marketing, Active Network | Business Solutions division. “VIP Pedicab’s convenient services and friendly drivers exceeded our expectations and were well received by conferences attendees. Thanks again!
Cece Salomon-Lee
Director of Marketing

“After Dark Films promotes Horrorfest “8 Films to Die For” in creative and inventive ways each year. Making yourself seen during the San Diego Comic-Con is a difficult task. However, speaking with Ali, the owner of VIP Pedicabs, he understood our mission and created a unique and inventive package. They enabled us to get our promotional materials directly into our fans hands, incorporate our pedicab team in our video’s while providing incredible mobile billboards throughout the entire convention in key locations. It was an absolute pleasure working with them & a thrill to have seen our Horrorfest 4 pedicab promotion work effectively at a reasonable cost. I look forward to working with them again.”
Sara Finder 
Director of Horrorfest | www.horrorfesonline.com

Using VIP Pedicab was a great way to promote our product to Comic Con attendees, and the entire process of working with the company couldn’t have gone smoother. Ali was extremely helpful and always prompt to answer our questions. His crew was great as well! It would be my pleasure to work with them again in the future.
Julie Goetzen

We used VIP Pedicab to advertise our Internet business during a large industry event in San Diego and it really helped our company stand out from the crowd!Everyone attending the convention (along with the rest of downtown San Diego) noticed the colorful signs hanging on the bikes and the riders decked out in t-shirts advertising our company. Using pedicabs as moving advertisements turned out to be an affordable, yet fresh way to create awareness for our business. We would definitely use VIP Pedicab again!
David Ptak
President |Solid Professor